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Welcome to Pilates Symmetry

Special Announcement

We are pleased to inform you that Pilates Symmetry is now accepting in person private sessions once again. Group classes and semi-privates will continue to be held online. We also continue to offer online private sessions for those who wish to continue to work out from the safety of their homes.
Please contact us at info@pilatessymmetry.com or at (203) 428 5484 to book your session with us.
Revisit our website and our social media on Instagram and Facebook.
Stay safe and well! Keep moving!

Studio Gallery

Our Mission

Our mission is to help each individual gain knowledge and understanding of body movement and learn to utilize this awareness in his/her everyday life. Our goal is to help each individual feel empowered with their new-found strength, control, and understanding of their body.

We aim to achieve this by teaching our clients the Authentic Pilates Method in a safe, calm, fun and motivating environment.

Why Pilates Symmetry?

PILATES SYMMETRY is a PILATES STUDIO located in Stamford, Connecticut. We take pride in the fact that all of our instructors underwent a rigorous certification program of over 650 hours. We are not just mat certified nor just equipment certified but are fully trained on Pilates Systems thereby making our form of instruction unique.

By integrating exercises in all pieces of Pilates equipment and the mat, we are able to address every client's specific physical issues/needs and body alignment.
Our lessons, private or class, devote personal attention to ensure safety for the clients while working out.
We cater to the individual not the exercise!!!

What is the Pilates Method

PILATES is a system of conditioning exercises developed by JOSEPH H. PILATES using very specially designed pieces of equipment and the mat. It incorporates the mind-body-spirit connection in your workout promoting constant body awareness during your session.

These exercises are specific, well-constructed movements which are designed through progressive, gradual repetition helping the body achieve rhythm, control, flow and coordination thus restructures the physique in gaining its utmost balance, strength and symmetry.

Benefits of Pilates

The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning is a system of exercises developed by Joseph Pilates almost 80 years ago. Pilates exercises are a regimen of specific well-constructed movements that are performed on the mat and different pieces of apparatus. These exercises help redesign the physique to achieve its utmost balance, symmetry and stability. Pilates becomes a way of life.

Pilates Symmetry bullet Improves the alignment of the body.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Increases muscular strength, flexibility and improves muscle tone.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Improves balance.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Helps in healing soft tissue injury.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Increases physical endurance and enhances better circulation.

Pilates Symmetry bullet Develops long, lean, streamlined muscles.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Creates body awareness.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Unites the mind and the body.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Reduces stress and tension.
Pilates Symmetry bullet Complements all other physical activities such as sports, dancing and other forms of personal/athletic training.


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Contact Us

Pilates Symmetry Connecticut Location

1200 High Ridge Road (Rt 137 off Merritt), 2nd Floor
Stamford, CT 06905
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